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Inspired from the Greek “ ἐλπίς/elpís”, means “Hope in the future_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136”5cf58d_bad


Much success is born of hope and

of the faith of passionate and determined men and women 

to achieve them.

At ELPI, we like to hope with you in

the realization of your business or career plans.

Because building the future together is first and foremost an act :

that of believing in yourself and in your future.

Companies and talents of tomorrow, this " mindset " founds the very essence of  the philosophy of ELPI,


Your recruitment and professional career consulting firm.

ELPI, votre partenaire en Executive Search




Stéphanie Bazile, Founder of ELPI


Really passionate about people and their multiple possibilities, I have been evolving for nearly 10  years in the field of recruitment  and professional orientation.

Specialized in the recruitment of Executives and Managers, I provide advice and tailor-made support to French and international groups and SMEs/SMIs, from all sectors.

Over the years, my expertise has been built mainly around the professions of Accounting - Finance, Human Resources, Commerce, Legal and IT.

Listening to everyone's lives, projects and professional careers,  I constantly like to study how to better support Companies and  Talents to excel together.

Let's redraw together

the face of the economy of tomorrow 

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